General Queries

What are your working hours?

We work 7 days a week. Most of us are already working professionals so we can give like 4 hours only a day and on weekends, it can reach upto 10 hours. In rough calculation, we work 40hours a week. We do work on Holidays.

Do you also provide web design services?

We mainly concentrate on web development services but we can arrange some designer for you.

Can you modify my current site or add some new functionality in it?

Normally, we like to work from scratch as it is a guarantee of high quality code from our side. But, on your request, we will review your site and send you a quote.

I want my project to be done quick.

Our services are normally on slower side. We take 3 to 4 days to complete a homepage. Although it can be done faster on weekends. In weekends, we can complete homepage within 2 days. Other internal pages take few hours to a day max.

Can you make my static site mobile friendly?

We can but it will take same amount of time in which we could have coded your responsive site from scratch.

Technical Queries

What types of files do you accept?

We prefer layered PSDs files. If you have flatted PSDS or simple images like Jpegs or PNGs, we can work on it as well. Soon, we will start to accept other formats like Sketch, Illustrator and Fireworks files.

What Browsers your code support?

Our codes are tested for compatibility with latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser and Safari. We also support Internet Explorer upto IE 9.

What is the difference between Responsive and Desktop version?

Desktop PSD 2 Html is a fixed width site. You can browse it through your mobile or tablets easily. However, user experience won't be great and you will need to zoom things about. In Responsive coding, code are adapted for various screen resolutions and structure are adjusted baded on devices so that you have great user experience. Responsive coding takes extra time and cost compared with not so popular Desktop Sites.

What is minimum screen resolution do you support?

We test our code upto 320px. If you want to support lower than that then please specify in your order.

Payment Queries

How can I pay you?

We accept Paypal, Western Union Money Transfer, Money Gram and Bank to Bank wire transfer only.

What currencies do you accept?

You can pay us either in US Dollars or Pakistani Rupees.

Do I need to pay full amount before you start my project?

We don't take any advance fee for orders before $200. If your order is more than that then you will require us to pay 50% advance so that we can start.


My project is highly confidential. Can you keep it private?

We respect your privacy. You can check our our privacy policy and Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding it.

Will your website name appear anywhere on your code?

No, you won't find our name anywhere in your project.

Will you use my project in your portfolio?

No. But we will ask you for your permission. We will need to add portfolio in order to grow. Hope you understand.

Other Stuffs

Can you convert my project to Asp or Php?

Yes, ofcourse. Infact, we will ask you while quoting whether you like your project in complete html or PHP or ASP.

You do AJAX?

Yes, we do. You will just need to specify this while booking your order.

Can you clean up my code and make it SEO friendly?

We can only tell after reviewing your code. Editing someone else code on a big scale can be troublesome and time taking. We suggest you to order whole new code from us which will be almost of same price which editing takes.

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