1Project Briefing

You just submitted our Order Form regarding your new project and showed us designs for quote.


We will review your design and brief submitted by you within 24 Hours and send you a quote.

3Booking Confirmation

If you are happy with the quote given and delivery time, you will need to send your acceptance to us so that we can start on your project. And, hey you don't have to pay us a dime to get your project started. If you are satisfied with our work, then you will pay only


Every great project starts with a great planning. Our selected guys for your project will start working on your designs by planning cleaner HTML structure so that it becomes easy for any future changes in frontend or backend.

5Frontend Development

After all planning is done. Now, our front-end guys will start converting your designs into a web page using HTML5, CSS3 and adding animation effects if you asked for.

6Testing & Preview

When we are done with frontend work, it will go out for testing by our testers and other people before making it live for preview here http:/www.shehzadammuheet.com/your-site.

7Backend Development

Soon we finish working on frontend and testing, we would have already started working on backend (if there is a need) while you are testing from your end. Next preview or final preview won't be available until our backend guys finish making static pages into dynamic one.

8Final Preview

As soon as we finish doing backend coding. It will be go for testing again to find and correct any functional bugs and also if there is some issue in frontend because of it. After everything clears up, you will be given one final preview of our work which will be handed over to you if you accept it. Or, will go back again for testing and bug fixes if you find any.


Once you accepted our our work. You will have to complete payment before we hand these files to you. If you like, we will even upload your site from our end.


Our committment doesn't end here after Delivery. You can send text changes or other minor changes/ bugs fixes request anytime soon and we will fix it soon free.

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